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BSNL to set up defence telecom network by July 2015

BSNL to set up defence telecom network by July 2015
State-run telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is reportedly working to set up an alternative communication network for exclusive use by the Indian defence sector. BSNL is supposed to hand over the network by July 2015. After setting up of the new network, the defence sector is likely to release the 150 MHz of spectrum in frequency range of 1700 MHz to 2000 MHz. . According to BSNL Chairman and Managing Director RK Upadhyay, the new network uses optical fibre and satellite links and is "is targeted to be completed in three years from Cabinet approval and this works out to July 2015. It's a tight schedule, but BSNL is making all efforts to meet it." BSNL is likely to begin rolling out the optical fibre cable network across 57,000 kilometres by January 2014. The telco has issued tenders for a 3,000 kilometre OFC network for the navy, which is likely to be ready by the end of next year. The telco plans to …

Optimizing land use classification using decision tree approaches

  Optimizing land use classification using decision tree approaches Vaibhav Walia+ under guidance of DR. Sameer Saran  Indian Institute of remote sensing (NRSA), Dehradun (UA)-248 001 + Manipal institute of technology, Manipal (KA) E-mail:

Abstract: Supervised classification is one of the important tasks in remote sensing image interpretation, in which the image pixels are classified to various predefined land use/land cover classes based on the spectral reflectance values in different bands. In reality some classes may have very close spectral reflectance values that overlap in feature space. This produces spectral confusion among the classes and results in inaccurate classified images. To remove such spectral confusion one requires extra spectral and spatial knowledge. This report presents a decision tree classifier approach to extract knowledge from spatial data in form of classification rules using Gini Index and Shannon Entropy (Shannon and Weaver, 1949) to eva…

Microsoft ditching points for Xbox Live with next system update

Microsoft ditching points for Xbox Live with next system update (original article)
Earlier this year, Microsoft had made its intentions of phasing out the wretched Points system on Xbox Live rather clear, but what it didn’t outline was the timeline. Larry Hryb, Director of Programming for Xbox Live, has just announced that come the next system update, the MS Points will be eliminated. Microsoft had said earlier this year during the announcement of the Xbox One that the company will also be doing away with the wretched MS Points system, which had become the cause of frustration for many gamers. The issue was not just with the arbitrary conversion of real money to Points, but also when translating different currencies into Points. Since Points could only be bought in USD equivalents, international customers ended up paying more for their Points than the US counterparts due to various currency conversion factors. Microsoft plans on implementing with the next system update for the Xbox 36…

The week in Tech: 5 must-know things

The week in Tech: 5 must-know things
1) Yahoo is getting a new logo — in a month Out with the old, in with the new. Yahoo is changing its logo for the first time in its 18-year history next month. A company executive told USA TODAY's Jon Swartz that Yahoo may change its typeface, its trademark color (purple) and its exclamation point in the rebranding process. But Yahoo commercials will still have the company's distinctive yodel. Yahoo will keep things interesting by unveiling a new logo every day, for 30 days, until the real logo is introduced on Sept. 4. 2) Review: Design it yourself Moto X a solid phone for consumers Last week we told you all about Motorola's new Moto X smartphone and its cool new features. But how does it stack up against its other smartphone competitors? USA TODAY's Ed Baig took the Moto X out for a test run earlier this week and gave us a first look at the pros and cons of the new phone: Good: Driving Mode for voice-controlled texts and calls is &q…