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SAP Labs India Interview Experience

This is regarding the selection process of SAP labs for the 2014 batch.

The process was divided into two main parts
1: Online Test
2: Interviews

Online Test

 It had the following sections:

Quantitative Aptitude Basic Programming knowledge ( O.O concepts, Output prediction etc )EnglishCode ( Candidates had to write code for a problem statement ) Most candidates faced problems in the code section so I advice students to Practice writing code, preferably on Online code editors.


Students who cleared the written round were called for Interviews.
There were 4 interviews in total
Two technical one Managerial and one Hr.

The First Interview
The first interviews is to check the basic knowledge of almost all core subjects such as Data Structures,Operating Systems, DBMS etc.

O.O Concepts are of particular ImportanceQuestions will be asked on the basics of programming language(s) Of candidate's choice,the candidates are also expected to write code on paper for the Interviewer's pro…