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JAVA Chat App - OKok

OKok chat
OKok chat is a simple chat application developed  using java, it is meant for "one on one" chat between two people only,It uses java's "" for communicating through sockets.
In this post i'll be posting both the code and HOW TO'S  of running the application
PART 1( The application)#Step 1:Download the application  Note:   If two people (ONE and TWO) want to chat with each other then ONE should download Server.jar and TWO should download Client.jar(or vice versa). In short if person 1 has server.jar then person 2 should have client.jar  Also BOTH need to download "jarfix.exe"
You can download the respective file here
 1:  Server.jar ( 7.1 KB )  2:  Client.jar (7 KB)  3:  jarfix.exe (63.8 KB)

Things you need to know:  "IP Address" of the person having Server.jar (click here to find your ip)Port no of Server.jar,person having Server.jar needs to choose a port no (any number greater than 1024 and less than 65535, for example: 9090) …