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littleBits Goes a Long Way

"The goal -- and challenge -- in this project was to create highly respectful, scientifically accurate projects that replicate NASA's groundbreaking work, while also making them modern, engaging and fun for nonscientists," said littleBits Product Designer Krystal Persaud. "We think this will empower people who were previously uninterested in STEM to get excited and get involved." Space fans the world over long have dreamed of exploring the universe for themselves, but a new, 12-module kit from NASA and littleBits aims to give enthusiasts a way to bring the thrill of space exploration closer to home. The new littleBits Space Kit, launched on Thursday, includes an assortment of electronic modules and NASA-designed projects and activities designed to allow anyone to observe and measure the universe, build and remotely control a model Mars Rover, or wirelessly send music to a model of the International Space Station.

"In 2012, NASA …